Friday, January 27, 2006

Jan27 '06 Sent Gmail: Taking Care of Bidness

Sent this to the Brat and Maggie Murdock as a supplement to their stints in the Terminal upcoming Feb 15.

Hello you two,

I'm very excited to know you are both ready to go this quarter. Gabby DePlancher will be splitting her haul of Terminaled works between you both. You'll both still have to read all the stories sent up to the Terminal in order to comment on them intelligently, but each piece that originates with you entails its own set of responsibilities, ie you are tasked with writing the VC their acceptance or rejection notice. Being three of you (H3K with you two) makes it easy to break ties with the opinion of the third Terminali in.

Anyhow. You have any questions, just gmail. Meanwhile, go to the Archive on the site and click on it, search for the Terminal Discussions from last quarter and read some of those for homework. And you'll be set.

Sent this to Hal 3000 to see if he still had time to do Insider Trading with one of the characters from the Winter issue's Tribal Convictions.

I realize your reality has changed, hence the question: Are you still planning on interviewing a character from Mr de Vries's CG Tribal Convictions? I totally understand if you can't cuz you berry busy man. Just let me know if you can't and I'll work on it or get somebody else to do it. Thanks.

Next, I gmailed Gabby and Boli a note listing all the submissions I had them doing and asking them if I was up to date. I'm not going to duplicate that list here for reasons of doctor patients confidentiality.

Then, my final gmail went out to GuyLaFloor, who'd voiced her admiration for the CG
Slayground earlier in the week, which led me to think she may want to do some Insider Trading with it as her frame. And lo and behold, Guy was the only same-day reply out of all those gmails. So, here's the whole conversation as it stands at this moment

Gmail Titled: Slayground Interview...

Sent mail The Closer?

I know you're busy, but since you liked Slayground so much, I figured I'd give you the first option on interviewing the author as any of the characters you see fit from within the aforementioned work. Lemme know if'n you're hep to this. If you are, here's Mr. Finch's e-mail: Paul_Finch@sussexmyrichard.orgasm. Give him a buzz.

Guy to me

I am hep to this, with a couple of questions for you first:

1) Do I have to be "serious" about it? Cause my original thought would be about asking Gary how much he works out and how kickbacks from the gun feel and suchforth. In other words, it'd be nothing like the story; it'd be more like when Bridget Jones tried to interview Colin Firth and just kept asking him how many takes he had to do with his shirt off. Is this acceptable?

2) At the end of the story, it pretty much implies the complete annihilation of the human race, at least certain death for the characters in it, so I was a bit stumped about who to interview, unless I interviewed the "terminator" character. Can I sidestep this issue and interview Gary anyhow?

TQRto Guylafloor

The whole concept is that you 'seriously' interview a character from the story, not the author. The types of questions you ask are up to you and Mr Finch. I'd suggest e-mailing him and letting him know what you have in mind so he may be able to get himself geared to be 'in character'.

Your call on who to interview. My inference caused by the ending is that Gary and Pirate are probably now part of the armed resistance fighting the alien terminators to the bitter end right now.

This is so great! Just go with it.

Oh, and you don't really have to set up a time (unless you want to), but can do it in a more leisurely style, like tell Finch you'll e-mail your first question, then wait for his answer in order to send your next one; understanding the process might take a few days or a week. So... knock yourself out. And if you want to post the interview on your blog, cool as hell. Just give attribution and a link to TQR.

Guy to me

That's cool. I understand that it's a character, which is why I picked Gary. I just wanted to be clear that it'll basically be flirting with him cause he's hot in the story, and that it won't be "serious". So if it's ok with Finch, that's how I'm going with it. If you want more serious stuff, I am not your girl for this interview, or probably any of them, cause I can't fake serious like that.

TQR to Guylafloor

Well then you'd better interview Gary as Susan D! Yes. That would be great. Give me some copy!

And so, I assume Guy is in contact with Mr Finch at least. I await the replies from the rest of the crew. A lot of this business is a waiting game. Some of it is a Crying Game. Most of it is a crying shame. But there are the rewards. Which are...the smell of fresh capital in the morning, driving your enemies before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.


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