Friday, April 28, 2006

This Damn Thing is Pretty Near Dead!

Well, most of the action has shifter over to the TQaRchive blog that I opened up specifically to archive old material from the site, and it's since morphed into the catchall this here blog was meant to be. So... updates are in order. The Lobby is way improved. I'm actually proud of it and it's like one stop shopping whereas you ahd to click through men items that were labelled like business files and nobody knew what the hell they were advertising, so we lost a lot of business that way. So... anyhow. Proud of that. John Phillips came aboard recently. His cap The Travelling Scapegoat almost gained, but he was so enamored with the process that he just had to be a part of it. And boy am I please to have him! Lalo will be thrilled to have somebody to play off of, too, I'm sure. So, it's late and I can't think of much else to say. Adios!


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