Saturday, December 17, 2005

Much Work; Some Chess, and the phantom Queen on g2 checkmate

It's been a few days since I have posted anything. Probably cuz we've been so busy sorting out the capital in the Terminal, archiving the discussions, and archving them at TQaRchives, the sister blog to this one.

The enmity of last week's meeting is far, far behind us. Hal 3000 (H3K) and Guy LaFloor have renewed my faith in this whole crazy venture, with the seminal work they have done. Concerning the In Bloom disagreement twixt those two, and, I need to mention, Pinckney Guevara. LaFloor was so vociferously 'For' In Bloom making it out of the Terminal "Alive" that Guevara wagered the piece's death or survival upon a chess game engaged in in the Conference Room.

The match went down Friday, December 16, 2005. It lasted 4 hours and ended in controversy. Guevara's queen, ostensibly on square g3 was integral in the final checkmate of LaFloor's king on e3, as facilited by a Knight moved a1-c2. Much gloating ensued by Guevara, when Hal 3000, refereeing the match, informed Guevara his Queen was not on square g2, but h2. By then, however, LaFloor had departed in disgrace, thinking In Bloom had met it's sorry fate.

Upon inspection of the transcript, Guevara conceded that his Queen -- having checkmated LaFloor's king by moving her h2-e2 -- but LaFloor's preceding pawn move had been illegal and had been commanded by the referee to move back to it's originating square at a5 and move again. Guevara, in his excitement had not noticed LaFloor's illegal pawn move, and had moved Queen h2-e2 checkmate and it took some time to where H3K and LaFloor could make him understand he needed to re-set that queen and allow white (LaFloor) to re-do that offending pawn move. Guevara re-set to g2 then, instead of h2, thereby laying the disastrous end game checkmate that wasn't.

However, in Guevara's defense, LaFloor was stripped to a King and two pawns, while he had for pawns, 2 rooks and his queen still actively pursuing LaFloor's king on the board. Surely, victory was inevitable. Leaving In Bloom's sad fate sealed.

However, Guevara's error can not be glossed over, thereby giving In Bloom (and LaFloor) victory, and life by technicality.

Transcript of match follows:

[22:54 lafloor] Dono: No, I'm supposed to get the KING!
[22:55 lafloor] Hal, Dono is the writer of the capital in question tonight
[22:55 H3K] Ah.. pleased to meet you
[22:55 lafloor] I am going to ICE Guevara in this game so that in Bloom can move on, and Dono will witness it!
[22:55 Dono] lafloor: Hi H3K
[22:55 Dono] lafloor: So how does this work?
[22:56 H3K] going outside for a quick smoke before the match commences. brb
[22:56 lafloor] I guess once Guevara show up we'll just list our moves
[22:56 lafloor] okay Hal
[22:56 lafloor] And as we list our moves, we each have a chessboard in front of us
[22:56 lafloor] so we can follow the game
[22:57 lafloor] I bought a chessboard today to do this!
[22:57 lafloor] It's cheap and cardboard.
[22:57 lafloor] but I also watched Searching for Bobby Fisher
[22:57 Dono] lafloor: HA! I was just going to ask.
[22:57 lafloor] so I think I have a clear advantage now
[22:57 lafloor] really, though, don't get your hopes up.
[22:57 lafloor] From what I glean, Guevara knows how to play
[22:58 lafloor] And I'm still reading directions
[22:58 Dono] lafloor: i think the faster you move the better
[22:58 lafloor] Are you serious?
[22:58 Dono] lafloor: gives the other guy less time to plan
[22:58 lafloor] I have to move fast?
[22:58 lafloor] Oh jesus
[22:58 lafloor] Alright, I'll try to move fast
[22:58 guevara] Hola!
[22:58 lafloor] Guevara!
[22:58 Dono] lafloor: its called the hit and run method
[22:58 lafloor] Bonjour!
[22:59 lafloor] You ready to to eat puck, Guevara?
[22:59 guevara] I will be black. I concede to the hockey goon the first move
[22:59 guevara] Mr. Capone, my condolences.
[23:00 lafloor] That's mighty kind of you, Guevara.
[23:00 Dono] lafloor: making it up
[23:00 lafloor] Gentlemanly, even
[23:00 guevara] I am, yes.
[23:00 lafloor] Dono: And I was going to try and do it!! Don't screw with me like that!
[23:00 Dono] lafloor: but it is my theory on why newbies beat real chessplayers sometimes
[23:00 guevara] No need to gloat before I mop floor with Canadian?
[23:01 lafloor] Dono: I will try it then
[23:01 guevara] Or should I say mop La Floor?
[23:01 lafloor] Yes, G, I would like to get some pre-gloating in if that's allowed!
[23:01 lafloor] You're so punny, Guevara!
[23:01 guevara] Please, do your worst.
[23:01 lafloor] I'm going to skate all over your greek salad ass!
[23:01 guevara] Is that all you have got?
[23:01 lafloor] And then enjoy roast beef with everyone on the floor
[23:02 guevara] My chessboard gently weeps.
[23:02 lafloor] My chessboard is only 5 inches big
[23:02 guevara] Move, at your peril.
[23:02 lafloor] Don't let that intimidate you though
[23:02 guevara] It sounds like a personal problem to me.
[23:02 lafloor] Do we need to wait for Hal?
[23:02 lafloor] He's having a quick smoke
[23:02 H3K] *ahem*
[23:02 lafloor] Or should we start anyhow?
[23:02 lafloor] He's having a quick smoke
[23:02 H3K] *ahem*
[23:02 lafloor] Or should we start anyhow?
[23:03 guevara] Hal is up on my screen.
[23:03 lafloor] Hal!
[23:03 H3K] Yes, you need to wait for me
[23:03 lafloor] Oh crap
[23:03 lafloor] Now I have to begin?
[23:03 H3K] Stand by while I set up the board
[23:03 guevara] No kidney punches.
[23:03 guevara] Standing by, Senor Machine.
[23:04 guevara] lafloor: I must break you.
[23:05 Dono] lafloor: I'll reimburse you for the board
[23:05 lafloor] Guevara -- let me make sure I have it right --
[23:05 guevara] lafloor: Jes?
[23:05 lafloor] My left hand rook is on space A1, right?
[23:05 guevara] lafloor: I have diagrams. Symbol charts, tarot cards, too.
[23:05 guevara] lafloor: Jes.
[23:06 lafloor] and your left hand rook is on space H8
[23:06 guevara] lafloor: Your Queen is also on your left hand side.
[23:06 lafloor] You may have props, but I have righteous indignance on my side!
[23:06 guevara] lafloor: Correct, my left hand rook is H*
[23:07 guevara] lafloor: Give me my props!
[23:07 lafloor] I can't tell the queen pieces from the king, so I put a dot of nail polish on them
[23:07 guevara] Dono: I must break you, too.
[23:07 lafloor] I may have a cross-dressing king, actually
[23:07 guevara] Your ingenuity is startling.
[23:07 Dono] lafloor: i'm in serious trouble here
[23:07 lafloor] Guevara, one more question --
[23:07 guevara] Were is the Machine?
[23:08 guevara] Jes.
[23:08 guevara] Go ahead.
[23:08 lafloor] What is your overall strategy and how can I easily diffuse it? Can you tell me that upfront, please?
[23:08 H3K] *ahem*
[23:09 lafloor] Hal is ready!
[23:09 lafloor] Oh crap
[23:09 guevara] To use my 4th language, German: Blitzkrieg!
[23:09 lafloor] I mean -- PREPARE TO SUFFER!
[23:09 H3K] As referee for this farce, I make the following official announcements:
[23:09 lafloor] Okay, here's my opening move --
[23:09 guevara] Vamos!
[23:09 guevara] Ahem.
[23:09 guevara] Rules first, Guy.
[23:09 H3K] (1) Be cautioned that I am not familiar with the so-called algebraic notation
[23:10 guevara] But you have the link, right?
[23:10 H3K] I am working with a crib sheet, as you undoubtedly are.
[23:10 guevara] Jes, Yo say.
[23:10 lafloor] I am working with a crib sheet, yes
[23:10 H3K] (2) This match shallbe played to checkmate. A resignation by one side is a win for the other.
[23:11 lafloor] Okay. What are the rules?
[23:11 guevara] Si, si.
[23:11 lafloor] Oui, Oui
[23:11 H3K] (3) In the event of a draw, the referee reserves the right to determine the disposition of the capital venture for which this game is being played.
[23:12 guevara] Si, it is agreed. Vamos!
[23:12 lafloor] Wait!
[23:12 H3K] The rules are the rules of the game of chess.
[23:12 lafloor] I'm not an idiot!
[23:12 lafloor] Most chess matches are draws!
[23:12 lafloor] That means I did all this for nothing!
[23:12 lafloor] Aren't most chess matches draws?
[23:12 H3K] I suspect that a draw is a very UNlikely event, so untwist your knickers, LaFloor.
[23:13 guevara] Si!
[23:13 Dono] lafloor: thats tic tac toe you're thinking of lafloor
[23:13 Dono] lafloor: thats tic tac toe you're thinking of lafloor
[23:13 guevara] I grow weary of your prattling and obfuscations.
[23:13 lafloor] Dono: I'm pretty good at tick tac toes
[23:13 guevara] Attendez vous!
[23:14 lafloor] Fine, I begin ...
[23:14 Dono] lafloor: is it too late to change the game?
[23:14 lafloor] Pawn H2 to H4
[23:14 H3K] The rules of engagement are as follows: white (LaFloor) moves first.
[23:14 guevara] ERm, French is my 3rd language.
[23:14 Dono] lafloor: tic tac toe
[23:14 H3K] There will be NO cross chatter by either player.
[23:14 guevara] Si. I give la floor to LaFloor.
[23:15 H3K] Comments by the specators will be kept to a minimum, please...
[23:15 H3K] Comments by the specators will be kept to a minimum, please...
[23:15 guevara] Si. Vamanos muchachos!
[23:15 lafloor] I don't understand the no cross chatter rule?
[23:15 H3K] The players will confine themselve to the notation of their moves.
[23:15 lafloor] Does that mean I ONLY speak my moves while playing?
[23:15 guevara] Si.
[23:15 lafloor] Oh
[23:15 lafloor] Okay
[23:15 H3K] I will not impose a time limit -- I do not have a stopwatch.
[23:16 guevara] Blitzkrieg!
[23:16 lafloor] So this is going to be a really FUN match then, huh?
[23:16 H3K] The referee also reserves the right to call timeouts during the game, as do both players.
[23:16 guevara] I must apologize in advance, senor Capone.
[23:16 guevara] I did enjoy los capital.
[23:16 lafloor] I must alos apologize, Mr. Capone
[23:16 guevara] But now...
[23:17 guevara] adios amigo!
[23:17 Dono] guevara: i have confidence in lafloor!
[23:17 Dono] guevara: i have confidence in lafloor!
[23:17 guevara] Shall we dance?
[23:17 H3K] Are the players ready?
[23:17 Dono] guevara: she has 2 queens!
[23:17 guevara] Confidence is a child's trinket, senor.
[23:17 guevara] To be crushed under the boot heel of opression!'
[23:18 guevara] Viva la revoluccione!
[23:18 lafloor] Je suis ready.
[23:18 H3K] I repeat, are the players ready?
[23:18 guevara] Or however that damn thing is spelt.
[23:18 Dono] lafloor: win one for the gipper, lafloor
[23:18 guevara] Si, senor!
[23:18 lafloor] Yeah, yeah, La dolce vita and all
[23:18 guevara] I stand naked before you.
[23:18 H3K] White (LaFloor) your move.
[23:19 guevara] Who let Michael Buffer in the Octagon!
[23:19 lafloor] I don't know, but he's good!
[23:19 lafloor] Oh. Okay. Here goes:
[23:19 lafloor] Pawn H2 to H4
[23:19 guevara] Si.
[23:19 Dono] lafloor: put some nirvana on and get pumped up!
[23:20 guevara] The French defense is in order I see.
[23:20 H3K] KRP - P4
[23:20 H3K] black?
[23:20 guevara] d2-d4
[23:20 lafloor] Dono: what the fuck is he talking about French defense? We're done!
[23:21 H3K] QP - P4
[23:21 guevara] I see you have a confederate in the audience. No coaching I say!
[23:21 H3K] stand by, please
[23:21 guevara] H3K, are you mad?
[23:21 Dono] lafloor:
[23:21 guevara] I mean, 'Insane'?
[23:22 lafloor] Guevara? Are YOU? *I'm* in the row 2
[23:22 H3K] sorry - Real Life intervened. Resume, please
[23:23 lafloor] I don't understand Guevara's move
[23:23 guevara] H3K, has moved for you?
[23:23 H3K] just play
[23:23 guevara] Oh, wait
[23:23 lafloor] d2-d4 would be MY pieces, I thought
[23:23 guevara] Pawn h2-h4
[23:23 guevara] that is my first move
[23:23 lafloor] He needs to make a move out of row 7 or 8, I thought
[23:23 guevara] Now, are we straight?
[23:23 H3K] Wait, please
[23:24 guevara] Oh yeah. Sorry!
[23:24 guevara] Pawn h7-h5
[23:24 lafloor] No, we are not straight. If you are playing black, you would be rows 7 and 8 right now, I think
[23:24 H3K] In algebraic notation, the designations do not change depending on the POV
[23:24 guevara] Pardon!
[23:24 guevara] I am a bit rattle by your hockey stick.
[23:25 guevara] Correct! My mistake. Forgive. Play on!
[23:25 lafloor] I understand the move now!
[23:25 H3K] black's first move is h7-h5 (KRP - R 4))
[23:25 lafloor] I have a very large and forceful stick, Guevara, it's understandable
[23:25 H3K] white?
[23:25 H3K] white?
[23:26 guevara] I was looking at my diagram upside down.
[23:26 lafloor] Pawn 2G - 3G
[23:26 Dono] lafloor: good move!
[23:26 guevara] I must use the Going After Cacciotto defense, methinks.
[23:26 lafloor] It's fine Guevara, I was just worried I was already totally confused
[23:26 Dono] lafloor: keep up the pressure!
[23:26 H3K] P - KN3
[23:26 H3K] black?
[23:26 guevara] Uno momento whilst I move your piece.
[23:27 guevara] d7-d5
[23:28 H3K] QP - Q4
[23:28 lafloor] knight 1B - 3C
[23:29 H3K] white?
[23:29 H3K] N - QB3
[23:29 H3K] black?
[23:29 guevara] I am responding sir,
[23:30 guevara] Bc1-f5
[23:31 guevara] Bc8-f5 I mean
[23:31 guevara] pardon.
[23:32 guevara] Hello?
[23:32 lafloor] pawn 2d - 3d
[23:33 H3K] black B - KB4
[23:33 H3K] white P - Q3
[23:33 H3K] black's move
[23:34 guevara] Nb8-c3
[23:34 guevara] Nb8-c6 I mean
[23:34 guevara] Damn me!
[23:34 H3K] N - QB3
[23:35 guevara] Nb8-C6 is the move sir. I am duly chastised.
[23:35 H3K] I understood... white?
[23:35 guevara] Correct.
[23:36 guevara] lafloor: I must break you.
[23:37 lafloor] knight 1g - 3f
[23:37 Dono] lafloor:
[23:37 lafloor] guevara: i must not be broken!
[23:37 H3K] N - KB3
[23:37 lafloor] guevara: i will not be broken!
[23:38 Dono] lafloor: give him hell, lafloor!
[23:38 guevara] Pawn e7-e6
[23:38 H3K] P- K3
[23:39 guevara] Santa Maria, I'm not gonna break!
[23:40 H3K] The players will confine their remarks to their moves, please...
[23:40 H3K] whit'es move
[23:40 guevara] Pardon.
[23:40 guevara] I mean, PardOne!
[23:41 lafloor] pawn 3d - 4d
[23:41 lafloor] guevara: got reprimanded by the ref! BA HA!
[23:41 H3K] P -Q4
[23:42 guevara] Bf8-cc5
[23:43 H3K] B - QB 4
[23:44 guevara] Hal, you are confusing me with these Queen's bishops
[23:44 guevara] I must protest!
[23:44 guevara] La nombres do not correspond.
[23:45 guevara] But I do understand you.
[23:45 H3K] c5 is your QB4 -- read the diagram
[23:45 Dono] lafloor: he's running scared, lafloor. move in for the kill!
[23:45 guevara] But cease, or I shall kill you.
[23:46 guevara] My petition has been thrown out!
[23:46 guevara] lafloor: My name is Pinckney Guevara.
[23:46 guevara] lafloor: Prepare to die.
[23:46 H3K] The players will confine their remarks to their moves, please...
[23:47 lafloor] pawn 4d - 5c (can I do that?)
[23:47 guevara] Pardone!
[23:47 lafloor] guevara: you got yelled at again!
[23:47 guevara] Oh shit!
[23:47 H3K] For the sake of the VC and his capital, you do not wish me to stop play.
[23:47 guevara] Jes. I am taken.
[23:47 lafloor] can id o that? Can I take that bishop?
[23:47 lafloor] BA HA HA HA!
[23:48 guevara] Alas, poor bishop.
[23:48 H3K] Yes, you can. White: PxB
[23:48 lafloor] Don!! Did you see that? I got his BISHOP!!
[23:48 guevara] I will avenge you!
[23:48 lafloor] Oh, I'm sorry. That taunting was meant to be private
[23:48 H3K] Play on -- black's move
[23:48 H3K] Play on -- black's move
[23:48 guevara] Ng8-h6
[23:49 lafloor] Oh. I fucked up. The bastard tricked me!
[23:49 Dono] lafloor:
[23:49 guevara] Oh shit!
[23:49 guevara] I mean, caca!
[23:49 lafloor] No he didnt'!
[23:49 guevara] Mui madre.
[23:50 H3K] N - KR3
[23:50 lafloor] you're going down, Guevara!!
[23:50 H3K] white's move
[23:50 guevara] I finish strong, senor.
[23:51 lafloor] I'll finish YOu!
[23:51 guevara] The world is waiting senor.
[23:51 lafloor] What are you doing, btw? Consulting Big Blue for your moves?
[23:51 H3K] A yellow card is issued to both players for un-chessmanlike conduct.
[23:51 Dono] lafloor:
[23:51 guevara] Vamos!
[23:51 H3K] STFU and play, please.
[23:52 lafloor] Dono: I think I need to develop my pawns
[23:52 lafloor] Dono: I'm not sure what that means, but I don't knw how to do it anyhow
[23:52 lafloor] Dono: You tell me when I should bring out the Qeen though
[23:52 H3K] Note to LaFloor -- those called private mesages are visible to me, if not also to Guevara
[23:53 guevara] Oh, give the queen to me!
[23:53 H3K] unless you check the little P
[23:53 guevara] No private messaging! I must protest!
[23:53 guevara] Scoundrels!
[23:53 H3K] Duly noted -- play on
[23:53 lafloor] Hal, I knew that. It's my intimidation method. DOn't tell Guevara though
[23:53 guevara] I demand back my bishop!
[23:54 lafloor] Do you want your bishop back?
[23:54 lafloor] Why don't you move your other one?
[23:54 lafloor] You should take that pawn in his way.
[23:54 lafloor] You should do that right now
[23:54 H3K] Did I say NO DO-OVERS? I should have.
[23:55 H3K] It is white's move
[23:55 guevara] Jes, it is white's move, no?
[23:55 lafloor] I don't know about do overs, but I'm gonna need a smoke break soon.
[23:55 lafloor] Oh my god, It's my move?
[23:55 guevara] You must finish it, then. I am at your mercy, senor.
[23:55 lafloor] I thought it was your move!
[23:55 lafloor] Hang on...
[23:55 lafloor] I thought it was your move!
[23:55 lafloor] Hang on...
[23:56 guevara] Jes!
[23:56 H3K] So am I
[23:56 Dono] lafloor: stay focused lafloor
[23:56 H3K] It is white's move (black having last moved his knight to rook 3
[23:56 H3K] LaFloor are you resuesting a time out?
[23:56 lafloor] got it now!
[23:57 lafloor] not yet Hal
[23:57 H3K] [The refereee is not allowed to smoke indoors]
[23:58 guevara] Smoke them if you got them, senor.
[23:58 H3K] Then I declare an Official time-out -- brb
[23:58 lafloor] pawn 2a - 4a
[23:58 lafloor] oh
[23:58 lafloor] if he's going, so am i
[23:59 lafloor] i'll brb
[23:59 guevara] I would not think of it, senorita.
[00:01 guevara] Nh6-g4
[00:06 lafloor] I'm back
[00:06 lafloor] And I'm ready to move
[00:06 H3K] The referee has returned: the last two moves are white P-QR4; black N-KN5
[00:06 H3K] white's move
[00:06 lafloor] shall I wait for Hal though?
[00:07 guevara] Mirra. Hal is here.
[00:07 guevara] Mira, I mean.
[00:07 guevara] Mira, Mira.
[00:08 lafloor] knight 3f - 5g
[00:09 H3K] N - KN5
[00:10 guevara] Rh8-f8
[00:10 H3K] R - KB1
[00:11 lafloor] Knight 3c - 5d
[00:12 guevara] You are taking the pawn, jes?
[00:12 H3K] NxP @ Q5
[00:12 lafloor] Oui.
[00:12 guevara] Write it 3cx5d
[00:13 guevara] Grrr
[00:13 H3K] yes
[00:13 lafloor] however you lose a pawn, that's how I write it!
[00:13 lafloor] 3cx5d
[00:14 guevara] N6c-4b
[00:14 H3K] black's move
[00:14 H3K] never mind
[00:14 H3K] black: N-Q5
[00:17 guevara]
[00:17 H3K] This is why I do not impose a time limit... white's move. (and when did Dono disappear?)
[00:18 guevara] Dono has left the building. He saw that it was an easy match for his padrone.
[00:19 lafloor] knight 5g-7h
[00:19 lafloor] Dono has given up!!
[00:19 lafloor] I WILL NOT GIVE UP
[00:19 guevara] You are on the offensive senor!
[00:19 guevara] I will not give up!
[00:20 lafloor] can I ask a question?
[00:20 guevara] go ahead, I will move whilst you talk.
[00:20 lafloor] am I doing really bad?
[00:20 H3K] White: N - KR7
[00:20 H3K] Ask away
[00:20 H3K] Oh, that? Not for me to say
[00:20 guevara] Bf5xh7
[00:21 Dono] lafloor: i'm here
[00:21 guevara] You are beating the hell out of me. I am a foolish player.
[00:21 lafloor] oh my. that was bad!
[00:21 H3K] Black: BxN @ KN2
[00:21 Dono] lafloor: i was just looking up other places to sub "In Bloom" to
[00:21 guevara] But I just took you your horsey, senor.
[00:21 lafloor] You took my horsey!!
[00:21 Dono] lafloor:
[00:22 H3K] WB, Dono
[00:22 lafloor] Dono: !!
[00:22 lafloor] Dono: You lose faith!
[00:22 H3K] white's move
[00:22 Dono] lafloor: just kidding. actually i was spending the $50 I'm gonna get
[00:22 guevara] Move, senor. I feel the tide turning.
[00:23 H3K] [correction: that last move of black's was BxN @ KR2]
[00:24 lafloor] bishop 1f - 2g
[00:25 guevara] No private messaging, senor. I must inform you.
[00:25 H3K] white: B - KN2
[00:26 guevara] N4bx2c
[00:26 guevara] +
[00:27 guevara] Check
[00:27 H3K] you don't have a knight at 4b
[00:28 H3K] I think you mean d4
[00:28 guevara] No?
[00:28 H3K] NxQBP ch
[00:29 guevara] Where is my nearest Knight, senor?
[00:29 lafloor] he has a knight at 4b
[00:29 guevara] Thank you, senor. I thought so.
[00:29 H3K] at 4d -- the move is valid and I have recorded it
[00:29 guevara] It is that bastard notation of yours, Hal.
[00:29 lafloor] So is it 4bx2c?
[00:29 guevara] It is no good!
[00:30 guevara] Jes, LaFloor.
[00:30 guevara] Gracias, Hal. Vamos!
[00:30 H3K] That's as may be... I consider the algebraic to be the bastard, which I why I've been repeating them in oldstyle notation.
[00:30 lafloor] king 1e - 1f
[00:30 H3K] white, you are in check
[00:31 H3K] white: K - KB1
[00:31 Dono] lafloor: this is best out of 3, right?
[00:31 lafloor] I moved to 1f
[00:31 guevara] N2cxa1
[00:32 lafloor] Dono: I have him right where I want him!
[00:32 H3K] black: NxR @ QR1
[00:32 guevara] 1a, pardone.
[00:32 Dono] lafloor: whew! good thing.
[00:32 lafloor] Dono: knight 5dx8c
[00:33 lafloor] Dono: CHECK
[00:33 lafloor] knight 5dx8c
[00:33 H3K] that is not a possible move
[00:33 lafloor] check
[00:34 H3K] I think you mean N 5dx7c
[00:34 guevara] He means 7c, no?
[00:34 lafloor] knight 5d to 7c, sorry. Check
[00:34 guevara] Si!
[00:34 lafloor] NO nO
[00:34 lafloor] I'm getting confused. Knight 5d to 7 E
[00:35 lafloor] I mean 7 EE
[00:35 H3K] Yes: black takes pawn at QB2 ch
[00:35 guevara] Q8dx7c
[00:35 guevara] A move is a move senor.
[00:35 guevara] I must defer to la ref.
[00:35 H3K] 7e? that does not make check.
[00:36 guevara] She is backtracking senor.
[00:36 H3K] Gueavara, stand down. White's move is not recorded
[00:36 lafloor] WAIT. YOUR QUEEN IS ON 8C
[00:36 guevara] I mean, he. Pardone. He saw the error of his first move.
[00:36 lafloor] I wanted knight 5d to 7E
[00:37 H3K] The queens are in the D file
[00:37 lafloor] What the fuck?
[00:37 H3K] I am recording the move as White: N - K2 (which is 7e)
[00:37 lafloor] Both queens are in D file?
[00:38 lafloor] Oh this blows. I'm all fucked up.
[00:38 H3K] yes - they must face each other, as do the kings
[00:38 lafloor] Gimme a minute to sort this out, will you?
[00:38 guevara] Jes.
[00:38 H3K] There is a time-out on the field
[00:39 guevara] I have benefited from his inexperience.
[00:39 guevara] Does this make me guilty?
[00:39 lafloor] Oh fuck. I had the king and queen on hsi side reversed
[00:39 guevara] Mui no madre!
[00:39 H3K] sportsmanlike conduct would preclude you rubbing it in, Guevara
[00:40 guevara] But senor, she screamed at me when she thought I was finished!
[00:40 lafloor] He can rub it in! It's pretty funny!
[00:40 H3K] LaFloor, you may rectify the situation by locating his queen (on your board) at D1, and his King at F1
[00:41 H3K] (he has moved his king once)
[00:41 lafloor] Okay. Anhow. So since that's case, and since I chose to move my pawn, do you want it to be to 7 c or 7 e? I don't care.
[00:41 H3K] Oh wait... I'm osrry, that's you.
[00:41 H3K] Gorram algebraic
[00:41 lafloor] Yeah, that's me
[00:41 guevara] Si, I have never moved my king, senor.
[00:42 lafloor] So where is his king and queen?
[00:42 H3K] Neither his king or quen have moved yet. they are at D8 (queen) and E8 (king)
[00:42 lafloor] Your king is on 8e and your queen is on 8 d, correct?
[00:42 guevara] Have I captured the Knight with my queen, senor?
[00:42 H3K] correct
[00:42 lafloor] Okay. Well, I commited to that fucking knight
[00:43 H3K] that move has not been recorded yet. Reapeat it, please
[00:43 lafloor] Yes, you've captured the knight, but I don't know what square you got it form
[00:43 lafloor] Where is your queen after taking the horsey?
[00:43 guevara] c7
[00:43 lafloor] Dono: BOYO did I fuck up!!
[00:43 lafloor] Dono: I'll fix it. Really. Maybe I can fix it!
[00:44 guevara] Lay on, senor.
[00:44 H3K] WAIT!!!
[00:44 lafloor] HE SAID IT
[00:45 lafloor] DON'T YOU HELP HIM!
[00:45 H3K] I recorded white's last move as KNight to E7 -- which puts it in the square in front of your king.
[00:45 guevara] Aye yi yi, what now senor?
[00:45 guevara] Senor, replay the tape, I moved to c7
[00:45 lafloor] OH, alright!
[00:45 guevara] To take his horsey.
[00:45 lafloor] STEVE
[00:45 H3K] to take that knioght with your queen, that leaves her at E7, not C7
[00:46 guevara] I was in check, senor. I had no other move.
[00:46 lafloor] We are all fucked up here
[00:46 H3K] NO, you were not
[00:46 lafloor] I'm just saying
[00:46 H3K] I was told the move was to e7 -- that did not put you in check
[00:46 lafloor] I don't want Steve thinking I screwed him here. Can I recap briefly?
[00:47 lafloor] Steve, I asked you, do you want me to move that knight to 7c or 7e?
[00:47 lafloor] And then you will take it with your queen.
[00:47 H3K] I am the refree, I will recap, by asking questions
[00:47 guevara] I thought your Knight was on C7
[00:47 guevara] Ok, I will hold.
[00:47 H3K] LaFloor, did you mean to take th pawn and put Guevara in check?
[00:48 lafloor] I meant to do that but I had it backward, and now I don't know what's fair to do here.
[00:48 lafloor] I'm really sorry.
[00:49 lafloor] I don't want to fuck over Don, but when I was confused...
[00:49 H3K] Or was you move to E7 based on your mistaken position of his king?
[00:49 lafloor] I FOUGHT to put that knight at 7e instead of 7c
[00:49 lafloor] YES! My move to 7e was based on my mistake, and that's MY fault
[00:49 lafloor] Now that I see it correctly, OF COURSE I'd want to go to 7c.
[00:50 H3K] Do I leave it as is?
[00:50 lafloor] But I don't think that's fair to do.
[00:50 lafloor] I don't know!
[00:50 H3K] OK -- I understand...
[00:50 H3K] The OFFICIAL RULING is as follows:
[00:50 lafloor] I screwed up, so you should call it as you see it.
[00:51 H3K] white: NxP @ C7 ch
[00:51 H3K] black: QxP @c7
[00:51 H3K] white's move
[00:52 lafloor] Is his queen now on C7?
[00:52 H3K] yes
[00:52 lafloor] and his king is on 8e?
[00:52 H3K] yes
[00:55 lafloor] Queen 1d - 4d
[00:56 H3K] An official time out is called -- please do not post moves until I return.
[00:56 H3K] damn...
[00:56 H3K] white: Q - Q4
[00:56 lafloor] Sorry I'm so dumb Steve (and Don, especially!)
[00:56 H3K] Time Out
[00:57 guevara] No problemo.
[00:57 guevara] This is your first time, you are killing me.
[00:57 guevara] I am humbled.
[00:57 lafloor] I'm not killing you! You got my horseys!
[00:57 lafloor] and a rook and a pawn!
[00:58 lafloor] I am dying a slow, cold death
[00:58 lafloor] but I'll fuck you up somehow
[00:58 guevara] Jes.
[00:58 guevara] But you are still on the offensive.
[00:58 lafloor] Can I ask you a question?
[00:58 lafloor] Where is my remaining rook?
[00:58 guevara] Shoot.
[00:58 guevara] h1
[00:58 lafloor] okay
[00:59 guevara] 1h
[00:59 lafloor] Can I ask another question?
[00:59 guevara] shoot
[01:00 lafloor] forget it.
[01:00 lafloor] I'm developing a strategy now
[01:01 guevara] ra8-d8
[01:02 H3K] The Ref has returned -- Guevara is that your move?
[01:02 guevara] or to be more clear
[01:02 guevara] yes
[01:02 H3K] recorded: black: R - Q1
[01:02 guevara] Rook a8-d8
[01:03 H3K] the polite chess thing to sat is "guardez" -- i.e., white's queen should watch her ass
[01:04 lafloor] Queen 4d-4e
[01:04 guevara] En guardez, madam!
[01:04 lafloor] Now you're just pissing me off!
[01:04 H3K] white: Q - K4
[01:05 guevara] Bishop h7x4e
[01:05 lafloor] FUCK
[01:06 guevara]
[01:06 lafloor] bishop 2g-4e
[01:06 H3K] black: BxQ @ E4
[01:06 H3K] ou missed a better move, Guevara
[01:07 H3K] white: BxB @ E4
[01:07 guevara] Damn you hal, I'm not a computer.
[01:07 guevara] Touche, Guy.
[01:07 H3K] neither am I, IRL
[01:08 guevara] Queen 7cx5c
[01:09 H3K] but... you had checkmate in one move, just so you know
[01:09 guevara] I love that show, My Name is IRL.
[01:09 guevara] Now who's rubbing it in?
[01:09 H3K] black: QxP @C5
[01:10 guevara] Sir, you have my permission to pull Hal's cord bundle.
[01:10 lafloor] I don't understand that move. Don't you have a pawn on 6C?
[01:10 guevara] No pawn on 6c, not on my board.
[01:11 H3K] no, you took that in the porcess of repaifing the earlier fuckup
[01:11 lafloor] a pawn on 6C?
[01:11 H3K] it's white's move (black to mate in 1)
[01:11 lafloor] I took that?
[01:12 H3K] you did -- and it was on c7, not c6
[01:13 lafloor] king 1e - 1f
[01:14 H3K] your king is already on 1F
[01:14 guevara] I have your king on 1f right now, senor.
[01:14 lafloor] Yeah, I fucking lost, I know
[01:15 lafloor] go ahead, play it out, Greek Salad eater
[01:15 guevara] Do you concede senor?
[01:15 lafloor] No, I don't concede. Just play it out.
[01:15 guevara] Do not spit in my Greek Salad, senor. I become ill very easily.
[01:16 guevara] But your move is false, senor.
[01:16 guevara] Your king was already on f1, no?
[01:16 lafloor] I spit ice chips in your Greek salad, senor.
[01:16 lafloor] My king was already on f1?
[01:16 H3K] It is still your move, White
[01:17 H3K] Yes, your king currently resides @ F1
[01:17 guevara] Si, that is what we have been telling you.
[01:18 guevara] Do I have to whip out the Kobiashi Maru on your ass?
[01:18 H3K] That is a Starfleet maneouver, not a chess gambit
[01:18 lafloor] then I move my pawn 2e to 3e
[01:18 lafloor] kobiashu maru Keyser Soze this, Guevara!
[01:19 H3K] excellent choice -- white: P - K3
[01:19 guevara] Very well.
[01:19 H3K] no longer mate in 1, black... your move
[01:20 guevara] You had me all excited, you damn machine!
[01:21 H3K] You could ahve ended this three moves ago, but you had to get greedy for a queen...
[01:21 guevara] Queen c5xc1
[01:21 guevara] Check
[01:21 H3K] black: QxB @ C1
[01:21 H3K] check
[01:22 lafloor] King 1f - 2g
[01:23 H3K] white: K - KN2
[01:24 guevara] Ng4xf2
[01:25 guevara] Wait!
[01:25 guevara] Too late. MY bad.
[01:25 guevara] My queen is gone.
[01:25 lafloor] rook 1h - 1e
[01:25 lafloor] er, 1c
[01:26 H3K] black: NxP @ F2
[01:26 guevara] Si.
[01:26 H3K] white: RxQ @ C1
[01:27 guevara] Knight f2xf4
[01:28 H3K] you take the bishop? that's e4
[01:28 guevara] Errr, I meanE4
[01:28 H3K] black: NxB @ E4
[01:28 guevara] I am making mui mui mistakes! Aye yi yi!
[01:29 lafloor] You are really making this difficult!
[01:29 guevara] I wanted that Queen, madone!
[01:29 Dono] lafloor:
[01:29 H3K] It is the opinion of the referee tht white should consider resigning.
[01:29 H3K] It is the opinion of the referee tht white should consider resigning.
[01:30 guevara] My queen, which I sacrificed like a maricone!
[01:30 H3K] This is, btw, no reflection on the captial for which this game is played.
[01:30 lafloor] rook 1c to 7c
[01:31 H3K] white: R - QB7
[01:31 H3K] (isn't that a Leon Uris novel?)
[01:31 lafloor] You know Don, I'd have still gotten my ass kicked, but it really didn't help IN BLOOM that I set up the freaking chess board wrong
[01:31 guevara] Hold on, you. I'm thinking!
[01:32 guevara] Rookd8-d2 Check
[01:32 Dono] lafloor: that actually might have helped you
[01:32 lafloor] I apologize for that, and I'd like to apologize to the ref and Guevara for my confusion in this.
[01:33 guevara] Without your mistake, I'd have already been beaten, senor.
[01:33 H3K] No aplogoes needed to me -- we got it straightened out
[01:33 H3K] black: R - Q7 ch
[01:34 lafloor] king 2g - 3h
[01:35 H3K] white: K - KR3
[01:35 Dono] lafloor: it aint over till its over, lafloor!
[01:35 guevara] N e4-g2 check
[01:36 H3K] that
[01:36 H3K] s f2
[01:36 H3K] black: N - KB7 ch
[01:40 lafloor] king 3h - 2g
[01:41 H3K] white: K - KN2
[01:41 guevara] N g2-f4
[01:41 guevara] check
[01:42 H3K] black: N - K5 ch
[01:43 lafloor] I thought your knight was on f2?
[01:43 H3K] btw, black, your knight was on f2 before, it's now on e4
[01:44 lafloor] his knight is now on e4?
[01:44 guevara] Sorry. f2-34
[01:44 guevara] is what I meant
[01:44 guevara] Err, I mean e4
[01:44 H3K] no problemo
[01:44 lafloor] king 2g - 3f
[01:44 guevara] Too many cervasas.
[01:45 H3K] white: K - KB3
[01:46 guevara] king e1-d1
[01:46 H3K] black: K - Q1
[01:47 lafloor] 8e - 8 d, that is, right?
[01:48 guevara] Err, that's right. Again. Sorry.
[01:48 H3K] yes
[01:48 H3K] tough reading upside down, eh?
[01:48 guevara] King e8-d8
[01:48 guevara] Si.
[01:50 lafloor] king 3fx4e
[01:51 H3K] good for you! white: KxN @E4
[01:51 guevara] King 8dx7c
[01:52 H3K] black: KxR @ C7
[01:52 guevara] It's a battle of nutrition.
[01:52 H3K] And your'e both starving
[01:53 guevara] Jes.
[01:53 Dono] lafloor: Go Lafloor!
[01:53 guevara] I will be your straight man. Do you work here often?
[01:53 lafloor] king 3g x 4g
[01:53 lafloor] that was wrong
[01:53 lafloor] I meant pawn 3g - 4g
[01:54 guevara] Si.
[01:54 H3K] that's better... white: P - KN4
[01:54 guevara] Pawn h5xg4
[01:55 lafloor] oops!
[01:55 guevara] When do I whip out my en passant on his ass?
[01:55 H3K] black: PXP @ g4
[01:56 guevara] I want my queen back, suckah!
[01:56 lafloor] pawn 4a - 5a
[01:56 lafloor] you're gonna get her
[01:56 H3K] white: P - QR5
[01:57 guevara] pawn g4-g3
[01:57 H3K] black: P - KN6
[01:58 lafloor] king 4e - 3f
[01:58 lafloor] oh fuck
[01:58 lafloor] didn't see that!
[01:59 H3K] white: K - KB3
[01:59 guevara] pawn g3-g2
[01:59 H3K] The referee calls time
[01:59 guevara] My queen, I shall not forsake ye!
[01:59 lafloor] then I'm going too
[02:00 guevara] Wherefore Dono?
[02:01 guevara] Queen me, baby!
[02:01 Dono] lafloor: still here
[02:01 guevara] I mean, bambino!
[02:02 guevara] Dono, it has been a bitter fight.
[02:02 guevara] Truly, thank you for attending this grudge match.
[02:02 Dono] lafloor: my pleasure
[02:04 guevara] As Hal said before it all started, it's a farce. I don't know if we proved anything by this except keeping you and the others up past their bed time. But, ya know. You try new ways of doing things. Win some, lose some.
[02:04 guevara] I hope you will submit something next quarter.
[02:04 lafloor] i'm back
[02:05 lafloor] if he does, give him a better chess player at least
[02:05 H3K] So am I
[02:05 guevara] Undale!
[02:05 H3K] You need spanish lessons, Senor
[02:05 guevara] or is it Andale?
[02:05 lafloor] I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do anymore.
[02:06 Dono] lafloor: thanks for playing in my honor lafloor!
[02:06 guevara] My Spanish is untrustworthy ever since I moved to Albuquerque.
[02:06 lafloor] I guess I'm move my king back to 4e
[02:06 H3K] it's black's move
[02:06 guevara] Queen me baby!
[02:06 guevara] g1
[02:07 H3K] Oh, wait -- my mistake. He took it as I was calling time
[02:07 guevara] Lafloor moved king 4e.
[02:07 guevara] I have been queened.]
[02:08 H3K] so: black" P - g2; white K - e4; black P- G1 and it turns gay
[02:08 lafloor] it's cool. I moved my king to 3e, he got queened, so I guess it's back to me again
[02:08 H3K] White's move
[02:08 H3K] Your king is on e4
[02:09 guevara] Si, e4
[02:09 lafloor] king to 5e
[02:09 guevara] That is moving into check, senor.
[02:09 H3K] white: K - K5
[02:09 H3K] no it's not
[02:09 guevara] You can no do that.
[02:10 H3K] that is, it's not check
[02:10 lafloor] from where am I getting checked?
[02:10 lafloor] oh, it's not check
[02:10 lafloor] but it will be in about two moves!
[02:10 guevara] So that pawn I have there on e3 is not there?
[02:10 guevara] err, e6
[02:11 lafloor] you have a pawn on 6e
[02:11 H3K] youe mean e6, but it doesn't threaten the king at e5
[02:11 guevara] I mean. Shall I pull it from the board?
[02:11 H3K] No, it's postion is correct -- your surmise is not
[02:11 lafloor] no, it's there, but why is that check?
[02:11 guevara] OK.
[02:11 guevara] My wrong
[02:11 lafloor] Can't pawns only take a piece on the diagonal?
[02:12 H3K] It'sn ot check -- pawns check as they capture, on the diagonal
[02:12 lafloor] oh. I fear I should have castled long ago. Is it too late to go back and do so?
[02:12 H3K] waaaaaaaaaay too late
[02:12 lafloor] oh. shucks
[02:12 guevara] Rook d2-d5 check
[02:13 H3K] black: R - Q3 ch
[02:14 lafloor] king to 5e
[02:14 H3K] You're on 5e
[02:14 H3K] you mean 4e?
[02:15 lafloor] i meant 4f
[02:15 lafloor] it's um, it's 2 am here. pardon my punchiness
[02:15 guevara] Si. Got it.
[02:16 H3K] OK -- white: K - KB4
[02:16 guevara] Queen 1g-2h check
[02:17 H3K] yes -- Q - KR2 ch
[02:18 lafloor] king to 4e
[02:19 H3K] white: K - K4
[02:19 lafloor] you've got me now I think
[02:20 lafloor] do you have me now?
[02:20 guevara] Pawnf2-f4 check
[02:21 guevara] Probably, I am not very good, though.
[02:21 H3K] black: P - KN4 ch
[02:21 lafloor] I don't know what you just did, are you upside down again?
[02:22 H3K] oops - KB4
[02:22 guevara] Yes. Pawn f7-f5
[02:22 H3K] yes, he's upside down
[02:23 lafloor] king to f3
[02:23 H3K] you have only one move, white
[02:23 H3K] K to f3
[02:24 H3K] done
[02:24 lafloor] i just did that
[02:24 H3K] I see (gorram lag in this chat)
[02:25 guevara] Rook f8-h8
[02:25 H3K] black: R - R1
[02:26 guevara] Tis a cruel game.
[02:26 lafloor] pawn 3e - 4e
[02:27 H3K] good choice -- white: P - K4
[02:27 guevara] Pawn 5fx4e
[02:27 guevara] Check
[02:28 lafloor] yes, 'tis. Well played Guevara. *spit* Very well played. I have respect for your chess moves -- if not for your choice in blowing off IN BLOOM!
[02:28 H3K] PxP @ E4 - check
[02:28 guevara] This way, IN BLOOM had a sporting chacne, senor.
[02:28 lafloor] king 3fx4e
[02:28 guevara] I almost lost this with such boneheaded moves as I made.
[02:29 guevara] Going down fighting!
[02:29 H3K] to quote Cobain: "oh well, whatever, never mind"
[02:29 H3K] white KxP @4e
[02:29 guevara] Rook h8xh4 check
[02:30 deplancher] has joined the room.
[02:30 lafloor] I would love to take your lousy rook!
[02:30 lafloor] But, alas.
[02:30 guevara] You are surrounded, senor.
[02:30 lafloor] I know one thing I've learned from this -- if I ever had any interest in chess, it's long gone!
[02:30 H3K] Gaby!
[02:31 deplancher] Bonjour!
[02:31 guevara] You have come to witness the coup de grace, mademoiselle.[02:31 lafloor] pawn 5ax6b
[02:31 deplancher] You need another witness, I heard the scream.
[02:31 guevara] Bonjour!
[02:32 H3K] don't kid yourself -- there's no grace in this coup
[02:32 guevara] NO grace, true, but coup.
[02:32 deplancher] I will be back. My hands are cold here. Knock it down!
[02:32 H3K] Um, guy -- there's nothing at 6b for your pawn to capture
[02:33 guevara] Queen 2g-2e check mate?
[02:33 lafloor] there isn't?
[02:33 H3K] no there isn't -- he never moved either of the pawns on that end
[02:34 H3K] Hang on, Guevara -- LaFloor still needs to move
[02:34 guevara] OK.
[02:34 guevara] I have re-set my queen, then.
[02:34 H3K] it wasn't mate anyway
[02:36 lafloor] I need to move? But it's illegal for me to take your rook, right?
[02:36 H3K] M'sieu LaFloor, we still await your move
[02:36 guevara] On my board, yes. It was.
[02:36 lafloor] so I go to 3e
[02:36 H3K] since the one you gave isn't possible
[02:36 H3K] OK
[02:36 H3K] white: K - K3
[02:37 H3K] now you, black
[02:37 guevara] Knight a1-c2 check mate?
[02:37 lafloor] roaring exciting stuff, huh gabby?
[02:38 H3K] um, you're right, it was... I'm tired too
[02:38 guevara] Si, even computers tire. Nada problemo.
[02:38 H3K] black: N - QB2 check....
[02:38 lafloor] 3e - 5e
[02:38 deplancher] has joined the room.
[02:38 guevara] CHECK MATE!
[02:39 guevara] lafloor: i MUST BREAK YOU.
[02:39 H3K] not mate -- white has a move
[02:39 deplancher] There is nothing so exciting as the little chess board.
[02:39 H3K] e3 - f3
[02:40 guevara] mY QUEEN IS NOT ON G2?
[02:40 H3K] white: K - KB3
[02:40 guevara] Sorry, caps lock.
[02:40 lafloor] his queen is on g2, it's checkmate
[02:41 H3K] f3 is an unthreatened square
[02:41 guevara] Gracias.
[02:41 guevara] G2 Queen takes f3 king
[02:41 H3K] queens do not check as knight's do
[02:41 lafloor] I don't understand that. I believe it's checkmate, because his queen is on g2
[02:41 deplancher] who controls the centre, Hal?
[02:42 H3K] Wait... on my voard, your queen is at H2!!!
[02:42 H3K] I must scroll back
[02:42 lafloor] his queen is on g2
[02:42 guevara] Correct, sir. Sir. G2
[02:42 guevara] You may have missed a move.
[02:43 lafloor] you still suck, Guevara!
[02:43 lafloor] But well, played!
[02:43 guevara] Si, si. It was an ugly match.
[02:43 guevara] No beautiful games here.
[02:43 lafloor] Yeah, ugly cause I coulnd't figure out the fucking pieces.
[02:43 guevara] Thank you. Hal, you did a fantastic job keeping things straight.
[02:43 lafloor] Thanks for the patience with it.
[02:43 guevara] All until that last g2 incident.
[02:43 lafloor] Thanks for giving In Bloom the extra shot
[02:44 guevara] Thanks everyone
[02:44 lafloor] Yeah! Well, by then there aren't many squares left
[02:44 deplancher] Dono has gone. Was that the VC?
[02:44 guevara] For this is a stunt. and I hope some good writing comes of it on the site.
[02:44 lafloor] Sorry Don >
[02:44 lafloor] In Bloom deserved a better champion.
[02:44 guevara] Yes, DeP.
[02:44 guevara] He was cheering on Guy.
[02:45 deplancher] Ok. Wish I would have dropped over earlier.
[02:45 lafloor] Okay, then I'm going too, is that alright? It's nearly 3 here
[02:45 H3K] Well, I can't scroll back, because no one will remain quite long enough -- this chat SUX!!!
[02:45 deplancher] Was it a succeth?
[02:45 lafloor] Again, well played Steve, I'm impressed!
[02:45 guevara] H3K, please write a scathing review of my idiot play. It will chasten me as I should be chastened.
[02:45 lafloor] Thanks for the shot.
[02:45 deplancher] Yike. G'night, Guy.
[02:45 lafloor] Scathe me and I'll kick your fucking ass.
[02:45 lafloor] Just saying.
[02:45 deplancher] Well put.
[02:45 lafloor] G'night.
[02:46 H3K] Gaby, how in hell do you transcribe these things???
[02:46 guevara] Good night. Thanks, Guy.
[02:46 guevara] Copy and paste.
[02:46 H3K] Gnight, Guy
[02:46 guevara] I can do it, Hal. No problemo.
[02:46 deplancher] I copied and pasted throughout.
[02:47 H3K] I got it, finally
[02:47 guevara] Sorry you just got here and it's all over, DeP.
[02:47 guevara] Well have another Rorschalk Group soon.
[02:47 H3K] [02:16 guevara] Queen 1g-2h check
[02:47 guevara] OK, Hal.
[02:47 deplancher] It's alright. I didn't know it was happening tonight...until I checked in. Oh well.
[02:48 H3K] Your queen was on 2H, gorramit
[02:48 guevara] No, it couldn't have been!
[02:48 deplancher] What! It wasn't over??
[02:48 H3K] on the other hand, you could have checkmated with the rook rather than taking the queen, hours ago...
[02:49 H3K] It was, and it still is on my board.
[02:49 deplancher] This will make great copy. And controversy.
[02:49 H3K] I just copied out of this chat
[02:50 guevara] Herm.
[02:50 H3K] For that, I think "In Bloom" should go up (even though I didn't like it)
[02:50 guevara] Yeah, I'm not a real good player, player.
[02:50 deplancher] Guy is not sleeping yet. But the Don man has fled.
[02:50 guevara] Fine!
[02:50 guevara] IN Bloom goes up.
[02:50 deplancher] 'Cap is redeemed...'
[02:51 guevara] Fair is fair.
[02:51 guevara] Hal, you said you copied this chat already, or were you just checking the moves?
[02:51 H3K] When you and I play, Guevara, it's ging to be online interactive, where the server controls the board (for instance, Yahoo)
[02:52 H3K] I can recopy to include the fatal discovery
[02:52 H3K] and I will
[02:52 guevara] Hal, it won't matter. It will be 10 minutes, tops.
[02:52 guevara] I will concede my chess retardedness.
[02:53 guevara] now!
[02:53 H3K] maybe so -- but there won't be any question about where the pieces are
[02:53 guevara] It's been years since I played.
[02:53 guevara] And it shows.
[02:53 deplancher] Did this work out though? The chess thing. You have been here for 4 hours?
[02:54 guevara] I wonder how my queen got on g2, though?
[02:54 guevara] That is a puzzlement.
[02:54 guevara] Yes, a battle of attrition, it was.
[02:54 H3K] anyway -- it's pushing 2 in the godawful morning here. I'm going to recopy to this point, and log off
[02:54 guevara] Bad play all around.
[02:54 H3K] you moved it there dummkopf
[02:54 deplancher] has joined the room.
[02:55 guevara] Good night, Hal. You really did a great job. Thank you.
[02:55 guevara] It would have been a mess without you.
[02:55 H3K] Goodnight, all
[02:55 guevara] Night.
[02:55 deplancher] G'night. Sweet dream wherever you are..
[02:56 guevara] Hey DeP. I better go too. Good night.
[02:56 guevara] I hope you are well.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Emergency Meeting of the Terminali: in which LaFloor threatens Guevara with castration and Hal wonders about the taboo pleasures of self abuse.

But seriously, the meeting was called to address the way the Terminali can expidite the process of vetting their capital, so that titles that have languished for too long can be dealt with before the end of the cycle. In other words, kicked upstairs to the department heads or their progress stopped dead at the Terminal level. What follows is the transcript of said.

[13:02 H3K] Test
[14:06 H3K] test again
[14:13 lafloor] Hal, Hello
[14:15 H3K] Hi, Guy
[14:16 H3K] I'm in the middle of a review of "Inhabitation". I'm afraid we're disagreeing about this one, too.
[14:16 lafloor] YAY!
[14:18 H3K] I wonder if HImself would be pissed if I broke character for a minute...
[14:19 guevara] Well, I can alway edit the transcript so that breaking character doesn't show.
[14:19 H3K] Hola, senor Guevara!
[14:19 guevara] Hello, everyone, by the way.
[14:19 guevara] Hola!
[14:19 lafloor] Hello PG -- Hal, I don't mind if you break, but I don't know about Bos..
[14:19 H3K] Only to mention that this is the second time the three of us have been in the same 'zine at the same time
[14:20 lafloor] Really?
[14:20 guevara] Really? Which 'zine, mang?
[14:20 lafloor] What other time?
[14:20 H3K] I refer to his interview of you in Ink Pot, which I managing edited
[14:20 guevara] Oh yeah! Small world.
[14:20 lafloor] Aha!
[14:21 guevara] Thecream rising to the top and all that, again.
[14:21 guevara] Anyhow. Let's talk some business...
[14:21 H3K] It's archived... I should re-read it some time.
[14:21 lafloor] I knew it wasn't for my fiction! None of 'em will have me!
[14:21 lafloor] Onward, G
[14:22 guevara] All right
[14:22 guevara] The rub is
[14:22 lafloor] oh, and Thanks for the Ink Pot thing, Hal
[14:22 guevara] we're talking about this quarter
[14:22 guevara] and dealingwith 3 active Terminali
[14:22 H3K]
[14:22 guevara] Next quarter, this all could change.
[14:23 H3K] Yes, it could
[14:23 guevara] Capische?
[14:23 guevara] Hell, LaFloor won't even be here then.
[14:23 lafloor] correct
[14:23 guevara] Unfortunately, unless we could somehow cajole him to stay.
[14:23 H3K] But will Candy?
[14:23 guevara] Candy may be or not
[14:24 lafloor] No cajole.
[14:24 guevara] I'm still waiting to hear from her.
[14:24 lafloor] unless there's no Candy. Then I'll fill in again as much as I can.
[14:24 guevara] Anyhow, seat of the pants, is the watch phrase
[14:24 guevara] 'seat of the pants'
[14:24 guevara] So, my concern is
[14:25 guevara] work languishing without any response for weeks
[14:25 guevara] The example of Casino Life come to mind
[14:25 lafloor] Well, then, let's kill the stuff we know is dead.
[14:25 lafloor] it's only humane
[14:25 guevara] You know what I'm referring to, right?
[14:25 lafloor] I feel bad. I'd have liked to have defended some of them more, give them more play
[14:25 guevara] I agree, humane and expedient for all involved.
[14:26 guevara] the question is "How best to expidite the process"
[14:26 guevara] Hal, could you comment on this from your perspective?
[14:26 lafloor] The let's ice those. There are three of us here.
[14:26 lafloor] Let's take a vote.
[14:27 guevara] Hold on, Guy. We've got to discuss this a bit so we can come to a consensus.
[14:27 guevara] Is Hal in the house?
[14:27 H3K] The only hitch is Real Life interfering w/ participation. Maggie's mom, Pinckney's obligations
[14:27 lafloor] Discuss, schmuss. ICE ICE ICE
[14:27 H3K] et cetera
[14:28 H3K] Hang, on, Guy, you'll get your icing call in a min.
[14:28 guevara] Yes, like I said, 'seat of our pants'
[14:28 lafloor] OFFSIDES
[14:28 guevara] but it's working pretty good so far.
[14:28 lafloor] Cause Hal, Guevara and me are awesome
[14:29 guevara] Guy, do you want to go to the Box and cool your ass down for two minutes?
[14:29 lafloor] Can I make an obscene gesture while I'm on my way there?
[14:29 H3K] It seems to be -- fortunately, ther've been folks willing to step up and fill in.
[14:29 guevara] Yes, we've been kicking ass lately.
[14:29 H3K] Rokkie's contribution was excellent
[14:30 lafloor] Damn right it was
[14:30 lafloor] 'twas a slapshot of beauty
[14:30 guevara] Definitely, we've been keeping up appearances.
[14:30 H3K] Anyway -- my hangup remains the possibility of acting too soon, before all three, four, whatever voices are heard.
[14:31 guevara] I hear you, Hall.
[14:31 guevara] And that is why we're here.
[14:31 guevara] Hal, I mean. sorry.
[14:31 lafloor] Understood, Hal.
[14:31 lafloor] I agree too much haste isn't a good idea.
[14:31 guevara] I've formulated an alternative plan, would you like to hear it?
[14:31 H3K] So it comes down to the Terminali, whoever they might be, jumping on the capital early.
[14:32 H3K] I yield the floor
[14:32 guevara] Yes, Hal. Keeping it fresh. WE need a plan to stop pieces from rotting.
[14:32 guevara] OK, this may take a bit, patience all..
[14:33 guevara] This cycle, we're basically 3 (Rokky not withstanding)
[14:33 guevara] So, my plan right now is...
[14:33 guevara] If you notice a piece that has been languishing wiht one originating post and one reply,
[14:34 guevara] gmail the third Terminalus to let them know they need to read said piece
[14:34 guevara] Do you follow so far?
[14:34 H3K] yup
[14:34 guevara] Guy?
[14:35 lafloor] But for this quarter (period!) I think all the Terminali who are going
[14:35 lafloor] Let me catch up a minute, I got disturbed
[14:35 guevara] All right, I'm with you Guy.
[14:36 H3K] IMO, one *needs* to be disturbed to play hockey
[14:36 lafloor] I am disturbed! Anyhow. Yes, I'm with you so far.
[14:37 guevara] So, can I go on?
[14:37 guevara] with my plan?
[14:37 H3K] y
[14:37 lafloor] yes, please go on
[14:37 guevara] All right then.
[14:38 guevara] The third Terminali in (the one that needed the cajoling gmail)
[14:38 guevara] may read the piece in question
[14:38 guevara] then comment in the Terminal OR NOT COMMENT IN THE TERMINAL
[14:38 guevara] at his/her discretion.
[14:39 lafloor] will they e-mail us if they don't comment?
[14:39 guevara] Anyhow.
[14:39 guevara] Yes, they gmail with their opinion up or down
[14:39 H3K] poo
[14:39 guevara] on the piece.
[14:40 guevara] Hal, go ahead.
[14:40 H3K] never mind, Guy asked my question and you answered it
[14:40 H3K] score an assist to LaFloor!
[14:40 guevara] I'm talking of pieces where the two Terminali agree on the piece.
[14:40 lafloor] WHAHHHHH!!
[14:41 guevara] In order for this 3rd man in gmail thing to be put in practice.
[14:41 lafloor] Yes, understood
[14:41 H3K] understood
[14:41 guevara] Guy, you're disturbed. I wouldn't want to drop the gloves with the likes of you.
[14:41 lafloor] So if the two terminali disagree (how rare!) the third MUST comment?
[14:41 guevara] This is so pieces won't just lay there limply and die slow deaths.
[14:42 guevara] Exactly, LaFloor.
[14:42 lafloor] ICE THEM
[14:42 guevara] Disagreement by first two, third must comment in Terminal.
[14:42 lafloor] When we play chess, I'm going to make your queen eat my puck
[14:43 guevara] Agreement by first two, third can offer his/her vote in private.
[14:43 H3K] Absolutely -- I would hope he/she would relish the chance, as I'm doing for "Inhabitation"
[14:43 guevara] You will surrender your king without so much as a whimper, my friend!
[14:44 guevara] It's important that we three gmail each other, keep on each other, so that no pieces are left to languish.
[14:44 lafloor] Thenn I'm about to fire off a g-mail to someone
[14:44 lafloor] Hell, *I* can't wait for the reply to Inhabitation!
[14:45 guevara] Thinking for the future, this type of policy, and I like it as a policy, favors an odd number of Terminli. Yes?
[14:45 H3K] Odd numbers always are better in a voting sitch.
[14:45 guevara] I know, I have been negligent on some pieces!
[14:45 lafloor] seems to
[14:45 H3K] Lok at the Supreme Court
[14:45 guevara] I am hoisting myself on my own petard with this new policy!
[14:46 lafloor] I will high-stick you into submission.
[14:46 guevara] But it is a necessary policy change, I think. A definite improvement.
[14:46 H3K] You knew the job was dangerous when you took it
[14:46 guevara] I will look for your goobers in the Greek salad you will be buying me after you LOSE!
[14:47 lafloor] Why does Hal make so much sense in here and so little sense when speaking of capital?
[14:47 guevara] Let's review the policy change. (I will deal with you later, LaFloor!)
[14:47 H3K] Now you're just baiting, Guy...
[14:48 guevara] Love Timbits!
[14:48 guevara] OK. Review, you scalawags!
[14:48 guevara] I need to know you know what I know.
[14:48 H3K] <-- has no idea what timbits are
[14:48 guevara] LaFloor,you first.
[14:49 lafloor] HAL, I am trying to BRIBE your help with DONUTS
[14:49 lafloor] ONce a piece of capital has been
[14:49 lafloor] commented on by two terminali..
[14:49 lafloor] if they are in agreement, they should g-mail the third terminali
[14:49 guevara] very good so far!
[14:49 lafloor] and have him get his lazy, slacking, greek salad eating ass in gear
[14:49 H3K] poo
[14:50 lafloor] and have him read the capital and offer either a public
[14:50 lafloor] and have him read the capital and offer either a public
[14:50 guevara] Hal, go ahead. Guy's nailed it!
[14:50 lafloor] or private opinion on it so that the capital can be dealt with
[14:50 guevara] or a private disavowal, you've got it Guy.
[14:51 lafloor] If the two terminal have commented but are in disagreement (AGRUGING) then the third terminal MUST comment publicly and he/she MUST side with LaFloor in all disagreements
[14:51 guevara] Hal, go ahead. Make sense to your mahchined neurons?
[14:51 guevara] machined, I mean.
[14:51 H3K] The slacker should be Gmailed after the second comment, *whether or not* the first two agree. And it should be the job of the originating Terminus.
[14:51 H3K] to send the Gmail
[14:51 guevara] Exactly, all except down to that last imperative, you fool!
[14:52 lafloor] NO!
[14:52 guevara] Right, Hal. That is a good detail to get straight with everyone.
[14:52 lafloor] That last part is VERY IMPORTANT
[14:52 H3K] By George, I think we've got it!
[14:52 lafloor] Originating terminali MUST send the g-mail
[14:52 lafloor] Got it.
[14:52 lafloor] And the third terminali MUST agree with LaFloor. We agree on this?
[14:52 guevara] The originating Terminalus must be the
[14:53 guevara] keeper of the flame concerning his piece
[14:53 guevara] it's shepherd, even.
[14:53 H3K] Precisely
[14:53 guevara] Right!
[14:54 guevara] Let us all become flamers!
[14:54 lafloor] I have a question!
[14:54 guevara] And keepers of said
[14:54 H3K] For the pieces sent up from Boli? absolutely!
[14:54 guevara] Guy, please, you go.
[14:54 lafloor] Just don't flame so much you melt my ice
[14:55 guevara] ha ha, Guy. Though a puckhead, you make me laugh.
[14:55 guevara] Go ahead, Guy. You had a question?
[14:55 lafloor] My question is -- what sort of mewling apology are you going to make when I checkmate your bishop into a fianchettoed position with offisides icing?
[14:56 lafloor] You see now, don't you?
[14:56 lafloor] You see how much trouble you're in with this CHESS?
[14:56 guevara] Ah ha, but you see that will never happen,
[14:56 H3K] ~sigh~
[14:56 lafloor] Also, can my pawns use sticks?
[14:56 guevara] I will employ the Kobiashi Maru gambit, in which the Fianchettoed third must surely fail.
[14:56 lafloor] Hal, you do know how to play chess, right?
[14:57 lafloor] Will you help me?
[14:57 H3K] Yes, I do
[14:57 lafloor] I don't know how to play chess Hal, but together, we'll DESTROY Guevara!
[14:57 H3K] We should discuss this separately, Guy
[14:57 guevara] We must firm up the terms of this match then, no?
[14:57 lafloor] I am afraid of Kobiashi Maru, Hal. I think Kevin Spacey invented it.
[14:58 guevara] I will gmail you concerning said grudge match.
[14:58 lafloor] OKay, Hal.
[14:58 lafloor] Ok Guevara.
[14:58 guevara] Are there any more questions concering the new Terminal policy?
[14:58 H3K] Besides, I've already claimed the privilege of demolishing the winner of your match
[14:58 lafloor] I have some g-mails to send anyhow to some slacker terminalus
[14:58 guevara] Or anything in particular about the Terminal?
[14:59 lafloor] But, Hal.
[14:59 lafloor] We go way back, Hal.
[14:59 H3K] Shall we dispense with the two or three we know are dying?
[14:59 lafloor] Don't screw me on the chess match, Hal. Don't you like to play (chess) with yourself?
[14:59 guevara] I will not be goaded into responding to a Franchiettoed novice.
[15:00 guevara] Without the requisite kung-fu grip, I'm afraid Hal has had none of that self abuse.
[15:00 H3K] we'll talk about that later, Guy... but I'm not adverse to assisting
[15:00 guevara] Hal, yes. If you are in agreement that the pieces are rotted through and through,
[15:01 guevara] the originator gmail me and I will give them a quick once over
[15:01 guevara] gmail me the attached story to expidite things.
[15:01 H3K] I'm thinking of those you have commented on already -- "Road to Zen", for instance.
[15:01 guevara] Give a Guy (pun) a stick and he thinks he's king kong Bundy!
[15:02 guevara] I will comment on Road To Zen shortly.
[15:02 lafloor] You better agree with me, Guevara.
[15:03 lafloor] Hal has a bug in his system about RTZ
[15:03 guevara] lafloor: "I must break you"
[15:03 H3K] I see now that you have not... I'll review those for which I am the originator, and follow up with a Gmail.
[15:03 guevara] lafloor: Listen compadres, shall we adjourn?
[15:04 lafloor] I must fast-break you!
[15:04 guevara] Err, I didn't mean to direct my last to just LaFloor, sorry
[15:04 lafloor] adjourn, yes. New policy, understood.
[15:04 guevara] I think we are in accord with this new Terminal fastidiousness, yes?
[15:05 H3K] Wait one minute, please
[15:05 guevara] And neither of you are averse to this transcipt being posted?
[15:05 H3K] Qestion re "1.6%"
[15:05 guevara] Hal, go ahead?
[15:05 guevara] Yes. That has been languishing.
[15:05 guevara] It seems the agreement on that one
[15:06 guevara] is overwhelmingly positive.
[15:06 H3K] It is the only captial of recod originated by Mags. We are in agreement that it should go up?
[15:06 guevara] Yes!
[15:07 H3K] Then one of us should be deputized to post such announcement in the forum.
[15:07 guevara] I will get Teddy to take it off the board and send it to one of the department heads.
[15:07 guevara] Is it genre or literary?
[15:07 H3K] genre
[15:07 guevara] Then to Rokky, it goes.
[15:08 H3K] they're almost *all* genre, and mostly SF or a variation thereof
[15:08 guevara] I would say 'The Knowledge' is most definitely literary, though.
[15:08 H3K] You cause me to ask another question
[15:09 guevara] This SF trend may be because there are so few venue for said?
[15:09 guevara] go ahead.
[15:09 H3K] To wit: should the VC notified by Gmail that his/her piece is headed upstairs?
[15:09 H3K] Rather than the thread merely disappearing.
[15:10 guevara] Yes. That is a good question I needed to answer but had not. Yes. Most definitely, a gmail to the VC is necessary.
[15:10 guevara] Right, otherwise, the thread will be gone and the VC will be in the dark as it were.
[15:10 H3K] Guy - a side comment to you
[15:10 guevara] Remember, we are shepherds.
[15:11 H3K] Right now, you have 6 sheep in your flock and I have 5. Guevara has 1. I can take the one Rokky originated, to make our task even.
[15:11 guevara] Perhaps Guy has been called away to some form of goonery.
[15:12 guevara] Sounds good to me.
[15:12 guevara] But, wherefore LaFloor?
[15:13 H3K] The executive wonks will have enough rejections to write, soon enough.
[15:13 guevara] Right-o.
[15:14 H3K] snce "wherefore" = "why", that's an unanswerable question
[15:14 guevara] Those damn execs.
[15:14 guevara] I don't know, English is my second language, senor.
[15:14 H3K] except perhaps by the rejoinder "why the hell not?"
[15:14 guevara] Remember that when you make fun of my skills.
[15:15 guevara] OK, it appears LaFloor is incommunicado.
[15:15 H3K] especilly appropriate in LaFloor's case.
[15:15 guevara] So, I will bid you adios!
[15:15 H3K] And who will copy and post this in Transcript?
[15:15 H3K] are we officially adjourned?
[15:16 guevara] Good day, Hal. Yes. This is going in the Transcript,
[15:16 guevara] if you have no objections. It was a good meeting.
[15:16 guevara] Officially adjourned yes.
[15:16 H3K] It was, and I have no objection
[15:16 guevara] Via con dios!
[15:17 H3K] et cum spiritu tuo

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

First Chunk of Public Feedback That Makes Me Think We're Onto Something Good

I wanted TQR to be all about the idea you don't have to be pretentious to be serious about writing. Also, for it to be it's own little world, where drama lives for its own sake. And, too, for it to feel like the staff lives, and breathes and works there. So, you can see why the following note posted on the site this night made me feel so giddy. Without further ado...

Re:Sound off like you got a pair!
Date: 2005/12/14 01:42 By: Bill Brusselle Status: Visitor

I'm glad to see a site where visitors can give some feedback because I have stopped by here a couple of times before and thought well this is interesting but you know who can you tell it to?

So here's some feedback: Most writing sites take themselves pretty seriously and I guess that is what they're supposed to do. I like that you have a sense of humer. You can still take the writing seriously but you dont have to be so dry bone about how to handle a thing like this. This sounds like smart people having fun but doig something upright too. A good combination.

I don't know all of your characters yet but I am figuring it out. This part reads like a story on its own. I want to know what else is going to ahppen.

The other thing is that there is always something new. It is always moving, not static like so many other sites where you can find good stories but there is something missing.

Here you guys have made something that feels like somebody's home when you visit.

So I will come again. And maybe next time I will bring a friend, you know? And a manuscript too.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Gmail Badinage with Rockefeller, a.k.a ... well, it's not my place to give out that information

I think I've got a keeper in the ex-pat dude now sojourning in Japan who has agreed to undertake the difficult role of T. Quincy Rockefeller. What follows is some bidness conducted via gmail. His new bio is a freaking riot, no? I'm very happy this cat has agreed to come onboard.

TQR: I figure, since I now know how to make those fancy links via your names, instead of the cumbersome url-type pastings, I could link your names in the TQR credits to whatever url you so choose. Just gmail me the addy, and I'll get around to making it so.

PS, I've only got one reply to my Saturday gmail concering whether you really want to stay at TQR. I really need to hear from you on that one, too. If you don't reply, I'll think you're not very serious about this whole thing, so please reply ASAP. Thanks.

Rokky: I want to stay. My dark secret, besides being photographed next to urinals in use, is that I know the secret of the Kennedy assassination. Paranoid of the smell of shoe leather following me in the morning: I spy on the spies and assassinate the assassins. Develop characters first.

TQR: Hey, you could incorporate some of that into your thumbnail bio by your name in the 'Staff' menu item. Just let me know if you want to divulge any of this to the public in that manner ie the thumbnail bio thing.

Rokky: I don't know how to alter the "bio" in the Staff section.
That said, what do you think about this as an editorial admonishment posing a a bio? Sorry to riff on about the mystery bit instead of spreading the s and m metaphor across genres (no romance without tears --especially my own--- boo hoo!), but there it is:

Rokky, as his Bilderberger associates call him, enjoys a devious plot almost as much as he enjoys his evil second nature. His personal tastes, or "grapes" as he calls them, are unctuous to the level of being rancid. Over-ripe, noble rotting, decadent, a shock to the palette: he seeks out those authors, i.e., shareholders, who can add to his tongue's indelible memory. He is aware that all words should meld imagination with experience. Stories, our company's capital, if found lacking in this essential sugar will be pruned. He dares you to hook him to your hook, chain him in your Chandler, cane him with your Cain, or dash him against your Hammett.

BTW, your antecedent mail mentioned a bomb throwing incident at the terminal. We lost staff? tempers went kaboom? Nobody should be permanently angry over what we're doing, except of course, potential shareholders (they are a testy bunch). I have read the capital and will post a comment within 24 hrs in the Terminal.

TQR: Outstanding! I just update your brilliant bio on the site. The process is easy enough. [Blah blah blah] Glad you're in! That bio is awesome. I just changed the parts that explained terms like Capital and VC's because such explaining is redundant.

BTW, do you have a Web page you want me to link to your name in 'Credits'?

Rokky: Not yet. I have to get mediated first.

TQR: Mediated? Are you having marital problems? (Ba-dump-bump)

Will the rimshots never end? Brothers and sisters, Rokky is going to kick ass and take names over at TQR. Drop in, tune in and bust out (of the entropy-induced catatonia brought on by partaking of the normal run of e-zines available to you before TQR.

After the fire, I will be the flame

OK, bad analogy, but I like Cheap Trick. What can I say? Rick Nielsen jams!

So, Friday's big brouhaha has led to some goodness. After sleeping in for much of the weekend, shaking off the effects of the punch drunkeness suffered by my heartily-pummeled self upon the killing Floor, I got off my ass Monday and figured out how to implement a public forum in the Free Market. It's interim title is Squawk Box, and anyone/everyone who enters TQR is encouraged to go there and vent, praise or whatever is appropriate/necessary/needed/wanted/whimmed.

I've been checking back each thirty seconds this morning to glean the first foreign post, but, alas, it appears that nobody's reading/listening/viewing the site -- as my junior high art teacher Mr. Peacock [I'm not kidding you] was fond of ending these type of sentences with -- a'tall. Tfffpppt.

Wait! I think I hear somebody typing. O-boy! I will be right back from my trip to check in at the Squawker.